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De beentjes los met Trubadur & Mr. Walter (Live Sax)

Trubadur biografie:

Arthur and Sam met while studying at the same college back in 2011. They shared a strong feeling for electronic music and decided to give it a try. Their first gig at Tijuana Ghent was quite a succes and the snowball started rolling. A few months later they managed to win several DJ contests and had the honour to spin the decks at Ghent’s (in)famous Culture Club, Club Charlatan and The Vooruit. The duo was noticed by some promotors and in 2013 they were offered a residency in Klub XIII (Madhouse). The events continued in rapid succession and in 2014, they had the opportunity to perform for a crowd of over 10.000 people at the Ostend Hippodrome. Along the way Trubadur gathered some international experience by playing in clubs and open air parties in Vietnam, Switzerland, France and Greece. In 2016 they wanted to add a live element in their performances and decided to work together with a saxophonist called Mr. Walter who definitely blows the crowd away during their shows.

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